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And these great noises have been released by XOL DOG 400!

Sh... oot. I cant rember all this. Lets see what we can recall...
Let me say this first: All tapes are sold out. We will NOT reissue them. Some fans suggested to compile all tapes on a CD. Frankly, the tapes have not been good enough for that. But thanks for the compliment sitting behind this idea.

mid 1991
Audio Cassette XOL DOG 400:"Doggy Fight (Why Fire II)"
(That was strange stuff!) (Self distributed)

end 1991
Audio Cassette XOL DOG 400:"Plain and Simple: 130 BPM"
(Yeah really, 130 !!!) (Self distributed)

mid 1992
Audio Cassette XOL DOG 400:"XOL DOG 400"
(Did include many early versions of "Sons of T2" trax) (Self distributed)

April 1993
Compact Disc XOL DOG 400:"Sons of T2 "
Label : KM Musik Distributor: Semaphore
(This CD is nearly sold out. Might be that the distributor still has some 50 copies. If you really want it, you might get it. Maybe the label will republish this CD.)

June 1993
Track on the CD-Sampler "Take Off Musik"
Label : KM Musik Distributor: Semaphore
(this CD is still available, but... well.... dont blame me!)

end 1993
Audio Cassette XOL DOG 400:"DJ Dollex / XOL DOG 400 Live at Bunker"
(Bunker Edition)
(What the hack is so special with this tape. Given the amount of responce this must be the best music which is there. But I KNOW the tape and its not that super! We will not reissue this tape! Please leave me alone with this, okay?)

June 1994
Compact Disc XOL DOG 400:"TRIOXIN and other slow beats"
Label : KM Musik Vertrieb: Semaphore
(Right now this CD is still available and selling pretty well, I guess this CD will be reissued)
More about TRIOXIN

July 1994
Track on the sampler "Love / Noise / Unity"
Label :D-vision Distribution: Eh...

Dezember 1994
Recorded John Peel Session. First aired 27. Januar 1995
More info about the John Peel Session

March 1995
Tracks on the CD-Sampler "Hardcore Membranterminator"
Label :Picosso Records Distribution: Arcade

April 1995
Projekt "E-Werk Briefe" Cassette with 5 tracks (text written by the "Botschafter", Desigend by Tyrell Cooperation. (Audio Cassette with book)
More infos about the "E-Werk Briefe"

May 1995
Vinyl Maxi XOL DOG 400:"Hardcoremembranterminator EP04"
Label :Picosso Records Distribution: Arcade (probably sold out)

September 1995
Compact Disc XOL DOG 400s Rapid DOG Projekt: "Pong E.P."
Label : KM Musik Distribution: Semaphore

September 1996
Several Trax on Bunker Beats Bunker One double CD Compilation.
Label :Bunker Beats / Schwarzpressung Distribution: Germany: BMG, Austria/Switzerland:Arcade More infos about "Bunker Beats"

Early ´97
Track on Terrordrome IX (Edel)

May ´97
Compact Disc XOL DOG 400:"Unstable Prototype (to confuse)"
Coverart of"Unstable Prototype"

May ´97
Some Trax on Terrordrome X (Edel) (including "Der Strafer")

August ´97
Vinyl E.P.on Hardplastik: XOL DOG 400:"Demmon Sucker E.P." (Hardplastik 4) (also including "Der Strafer")

June 1998
Track with Laurent Ho released on the last Laurent Ho Maxi Vinyl

July 1998
Track on TECHNOSTATE an Underground Communications Sampler (USA)

Track on the CD Compilation THE CALLANGE FROM BEYOND a Tribute to Lovecraft

December 2002
Trackon the Vinyl Compilation DOOMSDAY RECORDS 1

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